Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Who has a Moral Center?

This is an election year. All the House of Representatives are up for election as are some members of the Senate, including Senator Hillary Clinton.

I used to like Hillary.

I have a picture of the Senator and I after a meeting at the Senate. She was really smart, listened well and gave impressive feedback. I should be one of the people who strongly supports her.

However, I don't feel that way anymore.

Why? Because of the war. This war is immoral.

I only want to support politicians who show they have a moral center. Not the religious extremists moral center. But someone who claims to be progressive is actually progressive in their actions and votes.

Look at Russ Feingold. There he was screaming at Arlen Specter based on his beliefs. Screaming for civil rights for lgbt people.

I said in a speech last week that lgbt people are the most moral of all because we tell the truth about who we are. I am no longer giving money to a party or candidates who don;t support my equal rights. I urge you to do the same.

After all money talks. And walks.


PennNotSword said...

Love the Blog my dear, especially the AC rif above. But please, please tell me that the comparative language of lgbt being "the most moral" was an oversite. What about the children of lgbt or their parents who are not of the same persuasion. Can't we be equally proud, uanashamed and honest about our loved ones and for that matter ourselves? Don't we walk in the parades, call people on the shitty jokes and participate in lgbt causes. Do we face the same stigma, prejudice and consequences, certainly not but that does not make us any less honest about ourselves or our loved ones.

Anyway, just a thought. I signed on to check out the blog and I love it. Also, the hair in your picture . . . FABULOUS! Hope all is well. I will try and catch up with you next time in the bay area.


miss wild thing said...

Dude, you are correct. My apologies for neglecting that side of the aisle.

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