Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday thoughts

Yeah baby, the Supremes bitch slapped the idiot in chief. Constitution 1, Bush zip. The MSM is going to be full of delight tomorrow now that the biggest bully on the block got hammered. I am dancing on the desk, finally a win.

Wins come so infrequently. Can't win in Congress, can't win elections, finally some thinking people came through for us at the judicial level. So I wonder if the Supremes will now be considered activist judges?

This is what we have become, a nation of name callers. Bullies on the playground can't win arguments so they resort to name calling and brute force. Oh don't get me started. Plenty of people have an analysis of the country. I am going to run out and buy Helen Thomas' new book so I can at least get a view point from the front row. She was on Comedy Central this week and was fabulous. Of course, Jon Stewart bitch slapped that sanctimonious, bloviating turd who has tried to be the judge of American values, Bill Bennett. It was so pretty to see, find it all on the Comedy Central web page. Whew, I've been so busy blog whoring myself, now I am doing it for Jon Stewart. Like he needs the help.

I am so out of it, too, in mainstream America, tomorrow is the start of a four day weekend. My schedule revolves around watching that bastard Italian team getting its collective rear kicked by Ukraine in the World Cup. I am pissed at the Italians for their drama in games which earned them a bogus penalty kick against a really good Aussie team. But once again, the story is the idiot referees. The two worst refs who have made imbeciles of themselves (actually that is every ref with a yellow card in his pocket) have been sent home. They didn't make the cut either. Good riddance. Can you go to Crawford TX and take Bush with you?

That reminds me, after all the law breaking Bush has been engaged in, it's about time for that ol' cowboy to take his annual month off. I wonder what he would do if he had a real job and was not just Cheney's ventriloquist dummy?

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