Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jumping In

How does one open a blog? Tell endless details about my personal life? Nah, too boring.

OK, maybe a little. I am a Latina Lesbian, living in San Jose, California with my partner of almost 16 years, 4 dogs, two cats and a guinea pig. I used to have a job but not now so I am going to try and spend my time blogging to stay out of trouble. That and gardening. I have become the Mexican gardener of the house. The yard looks fabulous.

I used to be on the Democratic National Committee but not any more. But I still follow politics daily. My friend, Carla Marinucci, writes for the San Francisco Chronicle and she quotes me from time to time as some sort of knowledgeable person. That's what friends from high school do for each other.

Anyway, off I go on this new adventure.

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