Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday this and that

So a while back I blogged about the pros and cons of not working. That list could be totally reversed now, I have no time but I have money. I don't get to sleep in anymore. Ok tomorrow I get to do so. I have to do something every day this weekend and I just want to garden. Waaaahhhh!

The lst two weeks have been a tear in the evenings too. Between my APALI class at DeAnza, evening meetings, hockey games, the women's PAC-10 and various other things, I am barely home. Plus, Stanley Cup is coming up!!!!

Please God, let this be true. Karl Rove is finally getting really caught up in the weekly White House scandal. According to AP:

White House political adviser Karl Rove raised questions in early 2005 about replacing some federal prosecutors but allowing others to stay, an e-mail released Thursday shows. The one-page document, which incorporates an e-mail exchange in January 2005, also indicates Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was considering dismissing up to 20 percent of U.S. attorneys in the weeks before he took over the Justice Department.

I will be dancing in the streets if this one plays out the way it is headed.

Over at my hermano, Andres Duque's place, Blabbeando, he has a fabulous set of photos from today's ACT-UP demo in NYC. How wonderful to see Larry Kramer out on the streets again, pissed off as ever. Cus we sure have plenty to be pissed off about today. Plus there is something so poetic about seeing the giant rainbow flag being carted off to jail.

They were out in the streets taunting the head jack ass of the joint chiefs while he was giving a speech. No doubt he was moralizing about something while being responsible for killing hundreds in Iraq today. The NYT had a great editorial today about his high level of stupidity.

Maybe there is life in the lgbt movement still. I can only hope.

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