Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cry me a river

There are two things that really piss me off, when people lie and are just plain stupid. Hence my disgust with the liar-in-chief and all his thugs in this administration. Now Heather Wilson of New Mexico shoots to the top of the list.

Seems the woman who burst into tears during Congressional hearings about Janet Jackson's boob making an appearance on Super Bowl Sunday is now awash in her own lies. She is apparently one of two NM congressional types who are responsible for US Attorney David Iglesias getting the boot. He is one of the nine USA's who have been kicked to the curb during the latest purge by the liar-in-chief.

She is now being scorned in public for her attempts to get Mr Iglesias to hurry up an investigation he was doing about a prominent Dem in NM. Seems she wanted the attorney to spill the beans to her so she could use it in her very tight race for re-election. Leather, I mean Heather, wanted a verdict before election day and Iglesias a)wasn't talking and b)wasn't playing ball by divulging anything on the phone so c)he is out of a job and d)he has been subpoenaed to testify about the phone calls and his termination.

Heehee, run for hills Leather, the Dems are finally going to see some justice on this one.


Clark said...

This incident provides House Democrats with an opportunity to stand up to widespread government corruption and to promote ethical behavior by elected officials.

We should be calling for nothing short than Wilson's immediate resignation. My hope is that Governor Richardson will then appoint Patricia Madrid to fill the seat until the next election.

miss wild thing said...

OOOOH good idea. I will pass that on to Richardson's people!

Kathy said...

Sounds like Wilson wasn't the only congressperson involved. Honor and dignity in Washington, anyone? Anyone?

Kathy said...

Linked back to you here.

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