Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nos vemos

Ever have a time in your lofe when your world shrinks waaaay down to just what's in front of you? I have been like that for weeks, depressed over the state of national politics, immigration reform or lack thereof, too much work with not enough time for myself, grumpy and tired.

But then Wednesday night would roll around and I would get enthused again, if just for a few hours with my APALI class. Tonight was the last class and we were silly, hopeful, as always and a lot sad. My muses, my new family were all dispersing to the four directions soon. We won;t be back in that classroom together ever again.

I guess the finality of the program ending is what is hard to take. We created such magic and the network will always be there, we just won't be together again in that same way. It's not like someone died or anything, I just miss everyone already and I have been gone from the classroom for all of an hour.

So while DC continues to battle, Iraq continues as hell on earth, my little patch of safety, hope and creativity has gone the way of the buffalo. I'll just keep calling everyone to make trouble with me.

Until the next time, mi familia, nos vemos.

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