Monday, March 05, 2007

Back in a minute.

Yaaaa, what happened to my blog??? I disappeared! Between work, school, hockey and women's Pac-10 basketball, I got consumed, having waaaay too much fun. I think I rel-lined the fun meter.

Looks liek there will be some interesting info out in California tomorrow from a Field Poll on gay marriage.

I must say too, that the blonde bigot is, well, a bigot. I thought that kind of name calling was left on the playground. Apparently I was wrong.

In the mean time, a big shout out to the Stanford women's backetball team. They were nothing short of amazing tonight. Another big shout out to my gal pals, Marta and Leslie, celebrating one of the anniversaries today.

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Leslie said...

Belated thanks for the anniversary wishes!

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