Sunday, October 05, 2008

Del's memorial

Last Wednesday was Del Martin's memorial service in San Francisco. What an amazing event. I wish it wasn't because she has left us but it truly honored both Del and Phyllis.

City Hall in San Francisco looks like the state capitol, a large dome, marble everywhere and gilded balconies. The memorial was held in the rotunda and was filled to capacity both on the main floor and every single balcony. The program was just the right amount of sorrow mixed with reverence, stories of Del's decades-long commitment to social justice and the testimony to her love of Phyllis, and the doors she pushed open for so many of us.

I have been laboring with this post for days now. How do I express my joy of having known Del Martin? How do I adequately tell what it was like to sit in their living room and hear stories, discuss the latest political gossip or just to be able to share a laugh. I don't know that I will find the words, ever. But one thing I know for sure, my life is infinitely better because I knew Del Martin.

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políticamente muy incorrecta said...

Dear Ms.Wild Thing,
Del Martin is dead but no her doing, her attitude. She´ll be with us forever. I´m sure you feel better person after your friendship with Del and Phyllis because you´re a good person. They´d luck to meet you to. And now, you are doing your best to spread the ideas, the figthing, the hopes of you, theirs, mine.
There is a long way ahead, but I´m sure a new and better world is possible if there are people like Del, Phyllis and yourself.
Thanks for all.

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