Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Here is a sign that there is hope for the future. My sister's sister-in-law live in North Carolina. Their yard sign was stolen. So this is what the kids did. Took some action, whoohoo. Mary and Vivek you are doing a splendid job, keep up the parenting job and these two will change the world. They already have.


políticamente muy incorrecta said...

Hello Ms. Wild Thing,
Congratulations! It seems Mr. Obama is winning the election campaing. I hope it´ll be so finally because he´s the only opportunity to stop a new cold ward and improve better relationship with the Third World and Spain too, and this is possible for your nephew and alike.
Thanks them and yourself from a friend fron Spain.

miss wild thing said...

Hola PMI-

Tenemos mucho esperanzo para el campaign de Obama. Tres semanas mas y tenemos liberacions.

In english- We have a lot of hope for the Obama campaign. Three more weeks and we will have liberation.

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