Thursday, January 10, 2008


A lot of folks dropped by here because I was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle today. My quote was in a story written by Ms Marinucci about why the NH polls were so off. Here is my quote:

Where does (MSNBC host) Chris Matthews or any of these guys come off treating her like that?" said Nieto on Wednesday. "It was played out in high-definition in front of everybody how shrill, over the top and condescending they were. It was a frat boy party - and as women, we weren't liking it. And we spoke out yesterday - just look at the numbers."

I say pinhead pundits should not be allowed on unless they can talk about the statistics model they used to analyze the data.


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susan o said...

I don’t understand why they are so hard on Hilary. It is obvious she is being tagged by the ‘boys’. I am surprised they are not pulling at her pony tail. Did you see Tim Russert this morning Meet the Press? He was plain rude, and purposely giving her a hard time. I know Russert does this to all his guests, I have been watching his show long enough to know that, but he was unusually hard on Hilary especially with the subject of the Iraqi war, and how she voted for it, years ago. Why did Obama wait 18 months after that vote to even mention the war? He had plenty of opportunities to voice his opinion on the subject but he held back. And now that the chips have fallen, he pretends he has held this position all the time. Let’s give Hilary a chance. Let’s at least listen to what she is saying. I think she is the only one that makes practical sense.

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