Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I didn't know that I didn't care for Obama until he won in Iowa. Then I got really irritated with all the blatant sexism from all the boy talking heads. And now the analysis from the boy talking heads is this "Democratic insiders are concerned that this could turn into a gender war." Do these guys get paid to be this stupid?

All of them are a just plain old stupid if they just now realize there is a gender gap. Duh, let's go over this slowly. We make less money. There has never been a woman president. How many women are elected compared to men? This is what a gender gap looks like! And now we see what democracy looks like.

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clark said...

You can only imagine my joy on Tuesday night. After suffering through the constant arm-chair political analysis that all but wrote the obituary of Senator Clinton, I danced around my home on Tuesday night like a butterfly in springtime.

I like Obama and will proudly support him if he wins the nomination. But, the path to the presidency should not include undermining the achievements of his Democratic rivals. Hopefully, we will see a kinder and gentler Democratic contest with our party leaders saving the vicious attacks for our real enemies.

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