Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday this and that

Waaah, I should be walking around the French Quarter now with Chris Daigle. Spending money I don't have, laughing and laughing and carrying on. But it was not to be this year.

I had to cancel my trip to New Orleans on Tuesday because I just could not deal with the pain in my feet. The thought of standing in line to get through security made me cry just thinking how much it would hurt. And I know NOLA, you have to walk a lot and since I cannot walk around the block without pain, the idea of wandering through the Quarter, well, it was just too much.

So I am at home, on a rainy day, making calenders on my Mac, filling in the excel spread sheet of presents both made and purchased, I am going to finish the village today, putting up the pond area now. The tree comes this weekend and I am going to the Sharks game on Saturday. Whoohoo.

Plus, plus, plus, I had a really good job interview yesterday. This could easily be my dream job. It will be even better if I can start before Christmas. Hopefully I will hear very very soon and I can be back on my way to getting up at a reasonable time in the morning, getting a bigger check than unemployment and actually paying off my bills every month. How adult of me.

But now I must go watch Shrek 3.


Julie R. Enszer said...


I am so sorry you didn't go to NOLA. It is the most fabulous place in the world with it's wonderful combination of booze and fried food, especially booze and fried food that you can consume on site and then carry the leftovers with you. I love NOLA. I'm sorry your in pain however and I'll leave my booze fried food fantasies to provide you consolation. And excitement about your job interview! You really rock. I hope that the dream job comes through!


Julie R. Enszer said...

PS Read the new Advocate. It seems that the EIC has had a change of heart on the transgender issue.

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