Thursday, May 28, 2009

We'll be back.

Doesn't matter how the courts ruled on Tuesday. We will be back.

Doesn't matter that this was a setback for equality. We will be back.

Doesn't matter if people think they are speaking for the Almighty. That's up to the Almighty. And we will be back.

Doesn't matter if we are sad, mad or want do something bad. We'll be back.

I asked Del and Phyllis once about marriage in their lifetimes. They both thought it would never happen in their lifetimes. But look what happened.

We know how to get up, we know how to help each other get up. In our time, with our families, communities, friends and allies, we will all be back.

Until the day comes when we can just sit down and be equal citizens, we will be back.


Mack R said...

Comments closed at SFGate. Chicken.

politicamentemuyincorrecta said...

Why people don't let live other's people life? I want to be on my on.I want love whom I choose. God has things more important to do and do nothing.
Now I'm living in a free country but freedom is always at risk because lots of people believes freedom is a dangerous thing.
I'll be back supporting you, supporting me.
Excuse me. I´m so sorry for mi horrible English but I'm your friend, anyway

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