Sunday, March 09, 2008

Odd 'n' ends

I am about to be kicked off the lesbian team. Why? I think the L Word is horrible. I fast forward through the sex scenes and think that I would rather read something than watch that stupid show.

But then I may be back on the lesbian team since I have been asked to be one of the co-chairs of the Latino LGBT campaign for Obama. But that will be the whole team not just the lesbo section.

Tonight I finished my first successful hockey season. No goals but loads of new friends, LOTS of exercise and way too much fun.

Plus this weekend I put an ad on Craig's list to be a garden coach. You know, help people out with their gardens, give fabulous advice on how to grow, what they can grow and help them on the path to the garden of their dreams. I am now "Over the Fence Garden Coach." I had to do something since I was, once again, the #2 finisher for my latest attempt at employment. So if an environmentalist ever says we want to bring in more people of color, my head will blow off as I scream at them about their country club mentality. Yes, I was trying for a job at environmental organizations. For one place, I was interviewed for over five hours. They left a message on my voice mail telling me I didn't get the job. I later found out they gave it to a guy who had never been and E.D before. Nice. At the next place, I went to guess how many interviews????? Five!!!! Only to be told, thanks but no thanks. This job hunting thing blows.

So if you want your yard to look like the picture at the top, email me. And vote for Obama.

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clark said...

Gloria - I always knew I was a better lesbian than you! I enjoy the L Word and the sex scenes never bother me. As it's been many, many, many years since my fake hetero days, I have to say that I rather enjoy being a voyeur into aspects of lesbian sex.

I can appreciate your attitude, though. When Brokeback Mountain famously introduced anal sex to the nation, many of us gay men couldn't help but giggle at the relative ease with which Ennis and Jack engaged in this sex act.

At the end of the day, let's hope that our sexual lives are more fulfilling that what we're seeing on television or at the movies. But, if you're no longer part of the lesbian team, can I take your place?

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