Sunday, October 07, 2007


I have returned from Chico having learned these things:

  • It is really really really white on that campus.
  • I didn't realize that it is a really really really white campus when I was there.
  • Things do change in 29 years.
  • It is hard to move buildings but easy to add buildings. Therefore, I could still find my way around.
  • I went to school with some wonderful people, especially Art Thompson and Wayne Miyamoto.
  • Memories are good as memories. Going back to Chico, California was nice to do but I have no reason to go back again. I will always remember Helen's Donuts opening at 10 PM for the stoned college students to go and pick out our donuts in the back. I will remember being a successful sports writer but that person is gone. And that is just fine.
  • A college town is just a town, it is not superior to the surrounding communities.
  • I am still a student of life even after leaving college. There are many more lessons for me while I am here.

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